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Home Central: A fun and practical office just off the kitchen
Home Central: A kitchen enhancement

For many, the kitchen is the true center of home life. A place to cook, to congregate, to socialize, to organize. But sometimes this can lead to trouble: clutter trouble.

The Home Central can come to your rescue. It's a small office just off the kitchen that provides a discreet but handy place to store those useful but pesky cookbooks, magazines and tax files. When properly designed, it's also a pleasant place to enjoy a cup of coffee while perusing those favorite recipes or articles.

This particular project is a great example. The door opens from the heart of the kitchen, and its corner windows provide a great view of the entry patio and wooded yard beyond. There's also quite a bit of storage, even though the room only measures about six by eight feet.

Thanks to Maureen's LLC for the great cabinetry!

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