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A Sculptural Island

Kitchen Island, cherry, granite, knick-nack shelf
A kitchen island can be sculptural.

Design challenges are opportunities, not problems.

Kitchen/Living Room area with gypsum board arch between
The existing kitchen island had limited seating.

In this case, the owners wanted to open an existing kitchen island to the adjacent breakfast/living area and provide better seating around the island. That sheetrock arch had to go!

The challenges?

  • Keep as much existing cabinetry and flooring as possible. (It was all still like new.)

  • Provide electricity to the island without disrupting the whole house. (The existing electrical feed came from the ceiling.)

The Solution?

  • Keep the original island almost unchanged.

  • Create the breakfast area by placing a boomerang-shaped piece of granite on top of it at the edge.

  • Create a knick-knack shelf tower that allows the electricity to feed the island.

Kitchen Island drawing, granite, shelf tower.
Shaded elements are new. Original Island is unshaded.

Granite countertop, kitchen island, knick-knack tower
A breakfast bar was added to the island by adding a granite slab to its edge. A red granite dot accents the corner.


An unusually sculptural island that's a piece of art as well as a functional object!

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